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We offer relevant and useful college information to individuals, families, and college staff.

Helpful Articles

Enrollment Management is here to help out individuals, families, and college staff nationwide who are looking for information about the following:

  • College Admissions
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • College Marketing
  • Technology Enhancements
  • Student Retention
  • Strategic Enrollment Management Planning

This is something we accomplish by writing and publishing articles on the subjects mentioned.

College Admissions

Math’s Impact on College Admissions: Reasons to Consider A Policy Change

College Marketing

Student Retention

Top Five Things for High School Seniors to Do Before January

The Financial Aid Office’s Role in Enrollment Management – Part 1

The Financial Aid Office’s Role in Enrollment Management – Part 2

Taking Online Classes – Tips for Success

Enhancing Student Satisfaction Surveys

Enhancing Student Satisfaction Surveys - ProQuest

Do Any of Your Students Have a Disability?

Read this Article for Ideas to Help Them Settle into College.

Satisfactory Academic progress Student Support & Retention Approaches

College Freshman Advice

The Return on Investment of Higher Education: Making Employment Outcomes Part of the Dialogue.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Plan Ahead to Make College Affordable

What Questions Should I Ask About Scholarship Offers?

Do I Wait for Aid Offers Before Applying for Scholarships?

It Depends – A Typical Financial Aid Answer

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